Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This is Our House Mrs. Racoon

Just after dusk, when it was impossible to see what was going on up on our roof (of course we don’t own a working flashlight), we heard the one-way door, wire cage rattling. Marty went to bed and right to sleep. Not me. I wanted to get a picture. My camera didn’t capture anything. 
New camera experiments 170  So I gave up and went to bed as well. Not the raccoon. That raccoon was determined to get back in. She headed over to the back corner of the house by the girls’ bedrooms. Elizabeth said it sounded like someone slamming a body against the house. You can see the paw prints below. So, that’s why we spent all that money to screw down the soffits!
New camera experiments 175
(to be continued)

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