Monday, October 19, 2009

Improving My Vision

(continued from Awakening My True Identity - Part 4)

Old Glasses - no longer in style.

The day for my eye appointment finally arrived. It has only been three months since the image consultant at the writers’ conference suggested I spring for new glasses—a design to complement my small face and small mouth (she didn’t tell me about the mouth, but I thought I’d add that bit, less you mistakenly imagine my mouth as big to accommodate the many things I have to say).

An eye test revealed that my 'near vision' had improved since the last exam while my 'far vision' had slightly deteriorated. I definitely needed new lenses.

To match my forthcoming improved vision, of course I needed those recommended face-enhancing frames. I tried to remember what the image consultant had said—something about small lenses with a strong horizontal line across the top in a modern design.

Surely, among the hundreds of frames displayed at this particular establishment, there was just such a pair—small lenses, strong horizontal line across the top, modern design.
How hard could it be?

(continued tomorrow)

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