Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Reality of Divine Healing

Lately I’ve been thinking about healing and past experiences of being healed or praying for people who were subsequently healed, and I realize that healings aren’t usually conspicuous and after they happen I don’t think about what could have been, might have been or would have been.

Except in dramatic cases—like when Christina practically drowned in the pool—after the healing I tend to doubt or even dismiss the existence of the medical condition that caused me to pray.

But, if the healing hadn’t taken place, I would not have doubted the reality of the illness. Then the proof would be obvious.

So thank you Lord for all the diseases I didn’t get, for all the times I was coming down with a cold and it disappeared after I told it to go away in Jesus name. I’m grateful for all the times, you Lord, protected me from the flu. I thank you Lord for all the cases of food poisoning you saved me from, for all the accidents I did not have, for all the pains that did not develop into anything, and for all the blemishes that aren't.

Lord, thank you for divine health.


Laura Davis said...

On the flip side of that Marian, I would thank God for all the times I have hurt myself, all the surgeries, all the aches & pains, the skin cancer, the tumours, my crippled legs and all my imperfections because without them, I would not have been refined, I would not have learned how to persevere and stand firm in my faith and most of all I would not know what it means to trust God during difficult circumstances. Either way, isn't it wonderful that God is in control whether we are healthy or sick?

Gina said...

It is always a comfort to know that God has every part of our lives firmly in hand and that He cares about what happens to us day by day.

Marian said...

Yes, and yes again to both comments.

Masterofword said...

yes, it is comfortable and easy to think that everything is in God's hands. Something happenned? well, such was the God's will. Somebody dies - well, such is HIs will. He knows better what we need. why is it so? why don't we live by ourselves?


Marian said...

It's not about what's comfortable and easy. It's about what's true.