Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recognizing a Deal—or Not

Hey that’s a good deal, I thought.
The sign outside the local video store said:

Buy Two Movies
Get 1 for a Buck

I could buy a previously viewed movie DVD for $9.99, and get the second one for a dollar. This was almost too good to pass up.

There wasn’t a lot to choose from, but after 20 minutes of reading DVD covers I chose Slumdog Millionaire as a Christmas present for my son and Frozen River based on a true story as the second movie. I had never heard of Frozen River before, but what’s to lose at $1.

I took my choices to the check-out. The clerk smiled as she dug out the appropriate CD’s to place in my chosen cases.

She then informed me, “We have a sale. If you buy 2 movies you get the next 1 for a buck, so if you pick another movie you only have to pay one dollar.”

I looked at the sign again. Of course, it was obvious, or was it?

What do you think? How would you have read that sign? Leave a comment, let me know. I am curious as to whether my brain works differently than yours.


Anonymous said...

I would have read it as by two get the third for one dollar.

Yo said...

Me too...

Ellie said...

Buy 2 movies and get the 3rd one for $1.

Marian said...

I sort of suspected that.

violet said...

What a slippery sign! It easily reads both ways. Now I'm wondering, did you buy another movie to take advantage of the sale?