Friday, October 16, 2009

What NOT to Do when Winterizing the Pool

(continued from previous post)

To rinse the pool’s rather grungy solar blanket, I took it out to our broad, concrete, front driveway. I moved the vehicles down to the end of the drive to make room. I would have parked them on the street, but workmen were redoing our damaged sidewalks. The construction paraphernalia made street parking difficult.

Ripping up old damaged sidewalk to replace with new.

The crew had just finished pouring cement for the strips of sidewalk on either side of our driveway when, at the top of my driveway, I began merrily spraying the bubbled plastic solar blanket with the garden hose. A dark cloud was forming overhead. Maybe it would rain. That would help clean my solar blanket. Thank you Lord.

I was abruptly drawn out of my bubble of gratitude by urgent repeated honking. A workman in a passing van was honking his horn and pointing at me. Suddenly there were seven Italians (at least they sounded Italian) standing out front. They seemed to be agitated. They were pointing at the water running down my driveway, running over onto their fresh cement.

As they pulled burlap over their concrete, these men certainly were not thanking the Lord for the possible rain, or the impossible woman running water into their project.

I quickly turned the hose off and spoke a feeble apology before retreating into the house. Oh, Oh.
Moral of the Story: What's good for me is not necessarily good for you. Or, rain doesn’t make everyone happy.

The Good News: my pool is covered. Let the autumn leaves fall! Let the snow fly!


Gina Sikkema said...

Marian,I have a weird sense of humour and can definitely see the funny side of this story. However, I too would have beat a hasty retreat, head bent low to the ground, mortified out of my tree.

Marian said...

My sentiment exactly.