Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Joke

At Steeltown Toastmasters tonight I am doing a speech which requires a joke as the introduction. I found this joke on the internet and have adjusted it to suit my speech. If you are going to be at Steeltown Toastmasters this evening (everyone is invited), don't read this.

My son had a summer job maintaining lawns and tending greens at a golf course. As one of the perks, he could golf as much as he liked (on his off time of course).

So several times a week, after work he would shoot 9 holes before heading home.

On this particular day he met up with an older fellow, at the first T-off and they decided to golf together. This old fellow had been golfing at that course for years and could probably play it with his eyes closed. He didn't have much of a back swing or follow through anymore, but that didn't seem to slow him down. All his shoots were straight and true, like bullets along the ground.

It wasn't too long until they got to the ninth hole. My son's shoot curved left ending up behind a big old pine tree. The tree was directly between his ball and the green.

As Paul was sizing up the possibilities the old man piped up, "When I was your age, sonny, I could hit my ball right over that tree."

Taking up the challenge, Paul took his wedge, lined up his shot, swung way back and pitched the ball. The ball hit the tree and landed right back at his feet.

"Of course, when I was your age, said the man "that tree was only three feet tall."