Friday, February 5, 2010

My Not-So-Secret Obsessive Behaviour

Years ago when computer games were in their infancy, I played Tetris. I mean I played Tetris obsessively, always trying to better my score which got to a level that took at least an hour of playing to reach. Finally the game so took over my life, that I quit, cold turkey.
It was a relief to have the hours back to do other things.

Well, the Wii has brought me another obsession. Sunday I spent hours flying my plane over Wahu Island looking for (i) points to fly through. I have 74 (i)s. There are 80, but then I can fly through these (i)s in the evening and at night as well. I can chalk up 240 (i)s. My problem: motion sickness. Yes, my head is spinning inside. Even now as I think of flying that plane I feel nauseous. There goes another obsession.

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