Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obedience or Sacrifice?

Samuel said, Has the Lord as great a delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. (I Samuel 16:22 Amplified)

When we had our week of prayer and fasting at the church, I saw in a dream that I was to fast sweets. I decided this was a 21-day fast. So, for 21 days I avoided sweets. Well, on two occasions I indulged—once at a fund-raising dinner and once last Saturday at a friend’s house where I was served a totally delicious fruit cobbler with a small scoop of ice cream—both times refusing the dessert would have meant unduly drawing attention to my sacrifice (as I am doing now).

Which brings me to my question—was this fast obedience or was it sacrifice?

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