Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jill Has a Glimpse of Heaven

(continued from previous posts)

More recently during a quiet time with the Lord I (Jill) experienced a level of elevated thinking as I have never felt before. I was not dreaming. My mind rose above the mundane, through a secondary level and then to a third level of intimacy with God.

Jesus met me again on that same beach. This time He left the platform and we began playing a game of tag and then running along the beach with the wind blowing and the spray from the ocean washing over us.

After that Jesus invited me to come up onto the platform. Once again He placed a crown on my head. This time it fit perfectly. It was beautiful with ermine around the bottom, like a royal crown. This time I did not object.

Then Jesus led me behind the throne where God was sitting I felt pretty nervous, but just followed along.

We stopped in front of two very tall wooden doors. Jesus told me to open them and look inside. Still nervous but knowing better than to say “no” from past experience, I opened them wide.

On the other side was a most beautiful forever view of blue sky and clouds so beautiful it took my breath away. I believe this was a glimpse of heaven.

(to be continued)

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