Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bad Things Happen to Good People

Recently after a snowfall and during a rainfall on the way to a church meeting we stopped by to pick up a friend at her house. My husband Marty was driving. He backed out of our friend’s laneway right into a parked car. The bang came as a rude shock. Up to that evening there had never been cars parked there on that narrow one-way street.

We placed a note under the wiper on the windshield of the damaged car and continued on our way. That night it snowed.

The next day the police phoned asking for my husband. The owner of the car had called the police as soon as he saw his dented door. Upon examining the interior of the car, the policeman discovered my husband’s note pressed up against the windshield where it was buried under several inches of icy snow.

The policeman thanked Marty for leaving the note (many wouldn’t he said). He asked about the conditions that evening and decided not to lay charges due to the circumstances.

Marty settled with the owner for the considerable repair bill and we are driving in a van with a large dent on the right corner of our bumper. They don’t make bumper’s like they used to.

Personally I was grateful that my husband had been driving that evening, because I knew but for the grace of God, that could have been me. I think Marty would have difficulty understanding how such a thing could happen if he hadn’t experienced it first hand.

(to be continued)

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