Monday, April 4, 2011

You Know Jesus Loves You when....

My friend Jill had a series of dreams/visions about the love of God and His direction for her life.

Following a trip to Ghana in 2009 I (Jill) had a dream. The dream began in North America. In that dream Jesus was trying to place a crown on my head.

The crown did not fit very well. It was heavy and uncomfortable. So, very politely, I said to Jesus that a crown should be worn only by Him and it would be okay if I didn’t have one.

Immediately the crown was gone. It was replaced by a medieval cone shaped hat with a long piece of silky material trailing from the top of it. Just as fast, I was lying flat on my back, looking up at the sky and flying across the ocean. I came down feet first landing in an upright position on a beach in Ghana.

I was on the very beach I had left just a few weeks earlier. Immediately after landing, I saw a very large herd of what I thought were goats eagerly running towards me and surrounding me.

Now I like goats and most other animals so this was a really neat experience for me. They were all very friendly. I could see in their eyes and by their little smiles that I was supposed to take care of them. I also realized they were sheep, not goats. (Ghanaian goats are short whereas their sheep are much taller but don’t have woolly coats.)

I awoke with a definite knowledge that God wanted me to feed His sheep. This was an assignment.

(to be continued)

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