Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring and Cleaning (day 5 – Good Friday)

You may wonder why I’m working on Good Friday. When I asked myself that it came to mind that Jesus did His most difficult work on Good Friday.

Today the thing that I feared happened. This is the reason I try to avoid spring cleaning. Well, one of the reasons. Dissatisfaction set in.

Up until now I have been ignoring the condition of my kitchen cupboards. This is impossible to continue to do. Now that I have washed out the insides and cleaned the outsides with Murphy’s Oil and shone them up with a bit of Teak oil, the truth is painfully clear.

My 40-year-old standard contractor particle board cupboards with the thin oak veneer finish are finished. They are rotting on the inside, the doors are sagging and you get the picture. We have decided to replace them.


local pond said...

What! Wait until next year, at least use your clean cubboards for one year and get rid of them just before they are due for the next cleaning! Otherwise....all that cleaning was for naught.

Marian said...

We'll see.