Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring and Cleaning (day 8)

Gave the powder room a second coat of tan paint. Nailed the trim back in place. It's a whole new place...warm and inviting.

But, as my husband remarked, nothing to get too excited about. It's only a powder room after all. According to a powder room is "a room containing a toilet and washing facilities for women; lavatory." I guess that's why my husband is not jumping up and down with enthusiasm.

Maybe I'll rename it. Why should I let the sales clerk in the paint store name my downstairs washroom simply by writing 'powder room' on the paint cans?

I'm calling it, "The Tan John."

Now on to the next project.


Belinda said...

Oh, Marian, I am excited about your Tan John, or whatever you call it. Just hearing about someone doing spring cleaning makes me feel happy, almost as though it's me. I can enjoy your spiffy washroom. You go girl!

Marian said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Right now I'm fighting a dousy of a cold and am not getting much of anything done. Tomorrow...