Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Directed by a Divine Compass (Part 3)

(continued from previous post)

My friend Marion continued to be experience the amazing love of the Holy Spirit.
Some days later, again I was going to the mall and the same thing happened, only this time I went into a jewelry store. I admired some gold and diamond earrings and decided I didn’t want to spend much so I would look at the costume jewelry. I found some almost identical and bought them. When I tried to leave the store, I couldn’t get through the door. I walked around the store and tried again. I still couldn’t leave. I took a run at the door but the invisible wall was there.
I finally got the message. I went back to the counter where the gold and diamond earrings were and asked to try them on. I felt God’s presence as I did.

I returned the cheap earrings and got the others at a price I would normally never dream of spending.

I walked out of the store feeling God’s love and knowing he wanted me to have the best not the imitation.

Beyond Understanding

There are times when the Holy Spirit still leads me in this way, but I can resist it if I want to. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to know what it’s like to have God so present.

Now I understand, how in countries where there is persecution, people can be led to meetings with no knowledge of where they are going. God is so able to do things beyond our understanding.

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