Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One of My Holy Spirit Stories

Several years ago I volunteered to help at an outreach event in Copps Coliseum. The Holy Spirit impressed on me to bring $20. At the event I met a woman who had come specifically for the bag of groceries promised to everyone who would come. The food was to be handed out much later in the afternoon. This woman had come by bus from Stoney Creek, was diabetic and had not brought her medication with her. She would have to return home without the promised food. She was very disappointed and discouraged. The Holy Spirit directed me to give her the $20. The joy on that woman's facepriceless.

Workers at the event had been warned to guard their personal possessions against possible theft. I obediently tucked my coat into an obscure spot. Just before it was time to head home, I retrieved my jacket and set it down on a bench. A few moments later it was gone. I received an assurance from the Holy Spirit that someone very much needed this jacket. I left the event praising the Lord.

On the way home, in my spirit, I heard, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Do you have Holy Spirit stories? Share them here.

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