Monday, March 28, 2011

Directed by a Divine Compass

My friend Marion has this most amazing story about the wonderful comfort and friendship of the Holy Spirit in a tough situation.

Sixteen years ago, a friend phoned me one day and told me that God was putting a compass in me that would direct me. At that time things were tough. My husband, who was not a Christian, was in hospital after having a heart attack and I was visiting him every day.

While praying during that trying time, God showed me a vision. In the vision I was sitting in a church and someone I knew walked across the front of the church, then up the aisle. I walked up to her and she spoke something to me.

God also gave me a scripture verse, “His sickness is not unto death but for God’s glory.”

Aferwards, I went to the hospital. When I left the hospital it was very late and I was tired. Halfway home, an invisible wall blocked my way. I could not drive through it. It felt like I was pushing into a powerful force field.

Yielding, I turned the car around and headed into Hamilton. I knew there was an intercessory prayer conference on and I decided even though it was late I would go there. I drove to the church, went in and sat down.

The meeting had finished but there were people at the front praying.

As I watched, the person I had seen in my vision walked across the front of the church. I realized I was in the wrong seat so I moved over to where I had been in the vision and in a little while she came walking up the aisle.

Everything happened as it had in the vision. I told her what was happening with my husband and she said, “His sickness is not unto death but for God’s glory.”

God confirmed what I needed to take me through the weeks ahead during which my husband almost died twice but, according to the doctors, had two miraculous recoveries.

(to be continued)

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