Friday, March 11, 2011

Jesus to the Rescue

Lisa writes:
When I was in university many years ago, I was in a deep bottomless pit of despair. When I went to bed that night I felt like there was no hope left and I was completely alone. Then I had the most amazing dream. And it wasn't just the dream but the feeling of peace and hopefulness that filled me afterward that was most astounding.

In this dream I was in a rowboat. The water was calm. There was a figure in the boat with me. I couldn't see his face but I knew I was in the presence of Jesus. He made one simple gesture that saved me from the darkness - He held out his hand.

It still makes me cry to think about it to this day.

I will never forget that dream - if I ever had any doubts that I was a child of God, that dream erased all of them. I know that I will always belong to Him. Thank you, God.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all these stories you've posted...they give me hope and encourage me. :) Melanie

Marian said...

Thanks for your comment Melanie. It encourages me to continue.