Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Directed by A Divine Compass (part 2)

(continued from previous post)

My friend Marion tells this most amazing story about the wonderful love of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit continued to direct me in the same way in the months ahead. Most amazingly, two years later, the Christmas after my husband died, I remember telling God I couldn’t deal with buying Christmas presents and if I was to buy gifts He would have to do it.

I went out to the Burlington Mall for some other reason and when I got to the intersection of Fairview and Brant Streets I couldn’t turn left. There was a wall there. I had to make a quick decision, so I turned right and ended at Mapleview Mall.

I walked through the mall and every so often I hit the same invisible wall. I found if I pushed into it, it was heavy going and I couldn’t breathe so I would turn in the direction that I was free to walk.

In the stores I was able to enter, I would see items my son or daughter had wanted. Within a short time, I had something for everyone in the family. Not one of the presents was my idea but all turned out to be perfect.

(to be continued)

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear the whole story! Melanie F.