Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Know It's More Than a Simple Pastime When....

Allison and I habitually play Scrabble. Several evenings each week, we'll pull out the board and have a game or two. We've been doing this so much the Scrabbleboard box is falling apart. We've taped it back together more than several times.

Then I discovered Scrabble on Facebook. I can play Scrabble on Facebook with a number of friends at the same time. At present I have three games going. 

I wake up at night with Scrabble tiles moving across my mind. Interesting seven letter words pop out from the pages of the books I read. I log onto Facebook numerous times per day to see if it's my turn to play in any of my games.

My Scrabble-playing has become an addiction.

I decided to limit myself. I'm only allowing myself one move per game per day, except when the game is just about over and a few final moves will finish it.

This strategy has helped calm my addiction. Each morning I make my moves, contemplate future moves and wait...for the next day.

This morning I was praying for a friend who was facing a tough day involving a court appearance. I heard the Lord say, "fast." But, it wasn't food he was asking me to fast, it was Scrabble.

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