Tuesday, March 15, 2011

God Has it Covered

My friend Linda writes:

He sends forth His word and heals them....Psalm 107:20

Jesus is the Word, and He doesn't only use scripture to deliver us, but I would never have imagined that  a ‘rubber ducky’ word could be used to set this captive free.

One Sunday morning during a church service we were asked to get up out of our comfortable chairs to minister to one another. A certain wonderful lady came to me and told me about a vision God had given her. She saw me as a rubber ducky. Everytime the enemy tried to put me under, I would bob right back up.

For some time I had been in much distress with thoughts that I couldn't overcome. No matter what I did spiritually, the thoughts continued to bombard me. I finally told the Lord He had to fight the battle.

Then, He reminded me that I was like a rubber ducky. The Holy Spirit rose up within me. I said, "Devil, I'm like a rubber ducky and no matter what you do, I am going to bob back up."

Jesus was in those words. Instantly I had complete peace.

I identify with the disciples in the boat on the raging sea when Jesus calmed the storm with His words.


Anonymous said...

Love the rubber ducky vision....what a great way to think! Melanie

Marian said...

You have to love the way God speaks to each of us in a language we can understand.