Monday, May 9, 2011

Judgment Day, May 21st 2011?

Recently while in Montreal with my daughter travelling down Sherbrooke Street we were detoured along with a million other crawling cars over to St. Catharines Street where much to our amusement (which soon turned into irritation) we were trapped beside a caravan of trucks and trailers painted with words and pictures about the end of the world, predicted to be on May 21st 2011...coming very soon to this world. A very loud shofar continuously blasting through the loudspeaker atop of one of the vans made it impossible to ignore the message.

After about four blocks, our vehicle was rerouted back to Sherbrooke Street and the shofar faded as the caravan continued along St. Catharines Street.

If you google 'end of the world May 21st' you will see just how seriously this prediction is being taken by a number of people. In fact just this past weekend in Toronto, my husband and I were again confronted with the idea when a young fellow carrying a sign proclaiming the end of the world on May 21st tried to hand me a flyer.

I should have taken it. Then I might have been able to tell you what Biblical support these people have for their belief.

I do believe the world will end and I believe that time is coming soon, most likely not May 21 this year, but possibly in this generation or the next. The wars and rumours of wars and earthquakes and natural disasters are all around us.

Is that going to cause me to live any differently?

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