Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring and Clean (days 9 & 10)

The day after painting the powder room, I began cleaning the family room. I deep-cleaned and polished the top of the coffee table and attacked a cabinet...purging (a little), rearranging, wiping, polishing.

Then life happened...greeting endless tax clients at the door, helping my daughter in Montreal move, shopping for clothes, celebrating the end of tax season and suddenly it was two weeks later.

Yesterday I finished spring cleaning the family room...if you don't count the mess inside my sewing machine drawers.

I cleaned up the bookshelves and the box of toys under the window seat. I'm getting rid of a whole box of books. My curtains are washed and rehung and miraculously they look better than they did before I washed them...they didn't fad or wrinkle or shrink.

Now on to the living room.

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Belinda said...

Oh Marian, I am vicariously enjoying your spring cleaning. In England we used to call it "turning out a room" (or a cupboard or drawer.) It's basically pulling everything out and putting it back again, tidy. It always amazes me how so much more fits back into the same space and it is so satisfying. I just don't have time to do it in my current life! That's why I love to read about YOU doing it. You go girl.