Monday, May 16, 2011

Who Sent the Flowers?

My friend Janine writes:
A couple of Sundays ago we were asked to write something God wanted us to do to reach out to our community.

What came to me was: “Give flowers to Tiziana.”

Monday and Tuesday I wondered how to do that. As Tiziana and I don’t really get along all that well at work, I decided it was necessary to send the flowers anonymously. I ordered tulips with a card that simply said, from: someone who cares!

 That week was particularly bad for Tiziana. Her best friend is dying of cancer, so the flowers came on a day she really needed them. The funny thing was that she asked everyone in the office except me if they had bought them for her. Fortunately I was able to play along with the fun as I was able to ask questions and seem as surprised as she was.

 Because God had lead me to do this, Tiziana's response was just what I expected. Her whole countenance changed. She said, “It’s nice to know someone cares.” I saw her warm up to the day and the people around her.

 Thank you, God.

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