Saturday, November 14, 2009

57 is Too Young to Die

Last week I attended the funeral of Dave’s second cousin. Norman Arthur Knibbe lived to the ripe age of 57, my age. He was born in March, my month of birth. He had six children, so do we. Norm was a happy, mostly healthy, loving prankster. His funeral was a celebration of his life.

Listening to all the stories about Norm, told so lovingly by those near and dear to him, I know he will be missed. Those near and dear to him are bound to be hurting for some time. Norm was so full of life. Things changed when he entered the room. Life happened better wherever he was.

The age of 57 is much too young to move on out of this world, although Jesus Christ left his earthly life at the age of 33. And, because He did, and died the way He did, my husband’s second cousin Norm is celebrating his eternal life. That is awesome to know. We actually have something much better than this life to look forward to, and whether we believe Jesus died for us makes life and death difference.

Listening to all the stories about Norm, makes me think he’s enjoying more than a few heavenly crowns.

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