Thursday, November 5, 2009

Accepting Senior-hood

At the mum show I got in as a senior—over 55. It felt good to save $1 at the entrance. I’m usually looking to save a buck…it’s a dutch thing.

Yet, the idea of being a senior takes some getting used to. My mother-in-law and I are in the same age category even though she is 30 years older. Mom readily admits even she has to adjust to the idea.

I don’t feel like a senior. I do have two grandchildren. I do laugh at the Pickles comic more than Adam, or Hi and Lois or Drabble. I want to think this is because the creator of Pickles is just a better cartoonist and a lot funnier than all the other cartoonists. He must be the best cartoonist of all time.

I almost always laugh at Pickles—the way I used to laugh at For Better or Worse. What does that say?

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