Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Frieda the Cat Becomes Frieda the Savior

I woke up at 4 o’clock this morning worried about my cat. What had we done? Yesterday we sent Frieda away in a cardboard box sealed with duct tape. She was off to her new home on the farm.

Yes, we traded Frieda for Socks alias Boots. (This wasn’t my evil plan as Amanda suggested when we phoned her after the deed was done.) But, I'll admit when my husband’s assistant Amy broached the idea, I adopted it immediately.

Amy’s family lives on a farm with farm cats, feral animals kept to exterminate the rodent population. Recently Boots showed up at the farm. He’s small, short-haired, loves people and is scared of the farm dog. This dog has a reputation as a cat killer, especially those who are scared of him.

Frieda is large, long-haired, seems to hate people except the ones that are scared of her, and would stand up to the dog (we think). So we traded. Staying on the farm meant a sure death for Boots. Frieda became his savior so to speak.


Anonymous said...

Does this belief that Frieda is a Savior make you the person responsible for crucifying Frieda? What you did to her was cruel, sending her to live with feral cats and a dangerous dog when she has no claws, poor vision, and she has never been an outdoor cat. She is obviously completely tramautized, and is unlikely to survive. I would expect more loyalty to a family pet, however bad-tempered. Here you are glibly admitting what you have done to whoever visits your blog as if it where not an instance of premeditated cat cruelty. Frieda may not have a soul, but she is a sentient creature who deserves better treatment.
Someone Who Loves Frieda (you know who)

Marian said...

She'll be just fine.

Laura Davis said...

Marian you know how much I love cats, so your story is disturbing me quite a bit. I hope it has a happy ending for Frieda.

Karen / Clint said...

I'm glad to hear that she is gone; she did not deserve to be a house cat. And I'm sure Owen will appreciate it!

Rachel said...

Is Anonymous Suzanne?
Suzanne, how could you let this happen?? And what is wrong with the rest of our emotionless, sadistic family? Obviously, there's a correlation between people with sympathetic deficiencies (read: people lacking hearts) and people who can't come up with something less inane than "Socks" for a cat name.

Suzanne said...

Yeah Rachel. Anonymous was me and I do stand by what I said, and I will now sign my name to it. I didn't want my name connected to this horrible story of cat betrayal, but I will now openly say that I think Frieda (I prefer Freida actually) has been wrongfully treated. I did speak against this arrangement, but my voice was not heeded. I am sorry I was so ineffectual, Rachel. I feel slightly better now I know Freida is holding her own against the much smaller cats, and so far hasn't gotten hurt by the dog.