Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eye for an Eye, Cat for a Cat

(continued from previous post)

Well, Frieda left for the farm in the cardboard box shortly after five in the afternoon and it turns out she stayed in the opened box until well into the night long after Amy’s family went to bed. The cat-killer dog was tied up for the occasion.

Frieda is destined to be fed once per day and live in the barn with the other much smaller cats where she will work as a rodent exterminator. They call her The Beast. Until now, The Beast, alias Frieda, hasn’t worked a day or night in her life unless you count sneaking cookies and tarts out of the tupperware container on the kitchen counter.

The morning after Frieda left, Socks, alias Boots, showed up. He came in the same box Frieda had left in. Socks is a third the size of Frieda.

He follows me around the house.
Frieda never follows anyone except people who are scared of her.

Socks will sit on a lap forever or until the lap leaves.
Frieda might let a person she knows hold her for ten seconds.

Socks uses the litter box properly.
Frieda sometimes misses. On the farm she won't need this skill.

They both eat like animals.


Laura Davis said...

Your posts are really upsetting me Marian! You know I'm a cat person and that I go to great lengths to help them. Yep...I'm putting Frieda on my prayer list.

Marian said...

I like your tender heart.

Rachel said...

I hope you realize the important precedent you're setting with this episode; namely, I will be using the same criteria to send you and Dad away to a nursing home when you get senile. So you better hope you're not crotchety and that your toilet-training doesn't fail you.

Marian said...

Rachel, just to let you know, we'll be updating our will this month.

Laura Davis said...