Monday, November 9, 2009

Marriage is Not a Perfect Little Golden Circle

After wiggling it past my rather large knuckle and off my finger, I showed my 13-year-old daughter Christina my bent wedding ring. Her observation, "Well marriage is not a perfect little gold thing."

Where did she get this idea? Is it because I threw the tarnished silver coffeespoons out the front door when my husband mentioned they needed polishing? This happened before Christina was born and I doubt she knows about it. Well, maybe now she does.

Could it be because my husband discovered me in the exhibitor lounge enjoying a beer with some new-found friends while he was stuck manning my company's booth at the Home Show? That was before any of our six kids were born. We certainly haven't talked about that little incident.

It must have something to do with the time I threatened to jump out of the van as we were driving along a very bumpy back road to an obscure campground late in the afternoon because... (I truthfully can't remember why). I think that was also before she was born.

Or is she alluding to the several times I was PMS-ing all over the house?

I took the above picture of my wedding ring beside my husband's. It appears his marriage ring is more perfect than mine. Is this pure coincidence?

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