Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Black, Black, Black, All the Outfits are Black

Trees wear colour, why don't we?

I waiting for the year when the costume of the season is not black. Most women who attend the pre-Christmas events I attend dress in black. This has been going on for at least three years. Is this because the events I attend are fundraisers and the women are mourning the money they will be parting with?
At these events, I've resorted to looking at men's ties for happy colours. There is something joyful about colour. Joy and Christmas and colour, they all go together.

Black makes me look very pale and washed out. That's my main complaint. It’s not that I have to wear what everyone else is wearing, but more choice in the stores would be welcome.

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Ellie said...

No kidding! Black has been the colour in Toronto for years, even for every-day work wear. I look around on the subway on weekdays and a huge majority of people are in black, and for formal wear it's all black! I haven't seen all that many colourful men's ties either. What about dark blue or purple or deep red? Those are formal. Haven't been in many stores lately to see whether they're selling those colours right now. Love you blog. Look forward to your entries every day!