Thursday, July 23, 2009

HELP! Which Picture Do I Choose?

Word Alive, my publisher, is doing an "About the Author" page. They need a picture of me to go with the description. I would appreciate advice. Which picture should I choose and why?

1) peaking over Bible, just eyes
2) eyes and nose peaking over Bible
3) blue shirt and daisies

4) brick wall, holding book open

5) brick wall, blue shirt, holding book open, most of me except feet
6)brick wall, blue shirt, lots of books

7) yellow shirt, brick wall, lots of books
8) yellow shirt, brick wall, no books

9) yellow shirt, reading book in front of daisies
10) blue shirt, holding Bible on heart
11) yellow shirt, in front of daisies
12) I don't know, figure it out yourself
Photography courtesy of Diane Elms


Anonymous said...

Hi Marion,
I love #8. You look the most casual and look you are!

mtnbikerchick said...

Hi Mrs. Den Boer, I really like #10. I really think you look great in the blue shirt and overall I think its a really nice picture of you. So thats my choice :)
Stephanie Webb

Marian said...

Thanks Bette and Stephanie (and all the people that had opinions on facebook). Number 10 is my personal favourite too Stephanie (only a Bible can bring out that kind of smile), but the picture is going to be quite small, so people won't know it's a Bible I'm holding and will simply wonder why I'm not holding my own book.