Monday, July 27, 2009

I Hate My Cat and I Feel Guilty (part 2)

Looks can be deceiving
(continued from previous post)

Evicting a cat permanently is not simple. Arranging a human abortion might be easier. First of all, I can’t give the cat away. She’s not a very friendly cat or the sort of gift I want to be associated with.

I phoned the office of the veterinarian who had given her shots. I explained about the grandkids, the cat’s disposition and then gently asked the receptionist if the vet could possibly shoot Frieda one more time.

“How old is your cat?”

“Almost three.”

She sounded appalled, “We don’t kill healthy young animals. Tell me, do you like the cat?”

“Not particularly.” I admitted.

“Well, that’s your problem. Cats can feel it if someone doesn’t like them.”

Astute as ever, I realized I was scratching at the wrong post. I didn't bother asking for the vet.

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