Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Ups and Downs of Camping

Marty loading up the van for the camping trip.

When I informed Mrs. Z. that our family would be away for about a week on a camping holiday in the Ottawa area—convenient for visiting our son and his wife—she questioned, “That’s to save money?”

“No, we like camping,” I sounded somewhat defensive even to myself. This must have had something to do with the weather forecast: rainy and cold.

“Of course,” she said in that ‘I know better’ voice she sometimes uses.

I spent Wednesday afternoon and evening shopping and packing, adjusting my list according to the forecast:
umbrella - yes
playing cards - yes
board games - yes
bathing suit - no
sweatshirts - yes
socks - yes
...everything for a wonderful wet time.

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John den Boer said...

I can hear Mrs. Z saying that.