Monday, July 27, 2009

I Hate My Cat and I Feel Guilty

Frieda the cat. Isn't she beautiful?

Why do I hate Frieda the cat? She leaves black and white hairs everywhere—black hairs for our white clothes and white hairs for our black clothes. She’s always hungry. I have to clean the kitty litter. And the greatest sin of all: she doesn’t get along with my grandchildren.

Angela and kids. Aren’t they darling?
When our oldest daughter, Angela, and her two children came from Saskatchewan to visit, Frieda hissed at two-year-old Owen. She even attempted to bite him. Frieda may have done these things because Owen maybe tried to touch her.
Whatever, no cat is going to get away with mistreating my grandson. Owen was upset, Angela was upset and Goma (that’s what Owen calls me—isn’t he cute?) instantly decided to evict Freida.
Freida was relegated to the laundry room, until we could come up with a more permanent, practicable solution.


Laura Davis said...

Freida is beautiful and I can relate. I currently have 2 cats (I had 3 but one died). I am known as the cat-lady on my street. I LOVE cats! People bring me strays because they know I'll take them in. Not anymore! My recent addition - Hugo is incredibly cute, but beneath his cuteness lurks a cat with ADHD. He has destroyed everything in my house! My couch, my walls, my new bedspread! I found the solution though - I'm sending him to college with my daughter in September.

I hope you find an easier answer!

Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous!!!!!

Marian said...

Hey Bette, if you are talking about the cat, she's your's. I can bring her to your house, just say the word.

Anonymous said...

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