Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Squirrel Challenge

Squirrel number five trapped

For several weeks now I’ve been trapping squirrels out in the backyard. This embarrasses certain individuals. “Mom, the neighbours are going to think you are strange.”

I use a live trap and shelled peanuts. The reason I am trapping squirrels and relocating them several kilometers away is because there is a squirrel (or two) frequenting our attic. Rather than climb into the attic to catch the specific culprit(s), I’m attempting to trap all the squirrels on our property. That’s quite a challenge as we live across from a park bordered by large oak trees, full of squirrels.
New home for squirrels.
Is this effective? Is it legal? Will the squirrels appreciate their new home? Do the neighbours think I'm strange? Is it possible to find out where the squirrels are entrancing the attic? If anyone has answers to these questions, let me know.


Laura Davis said...

I like that you are not killing them, but I think you might be wasting your time, until you figure out how they are getting in your attic. Check the vents on your roof.

Marian said...

Thanks Laura, I'll mention the vent thing to my husband.