Thursday, July 23, 2009

Serendipity? God's Guidance?

(continued from previous post)

Late Monday morning I got around to revisiting the site of the Sunday garage sale. I rang the doorbell at the house. A woman answered. I noticed a crucifix on the wall. I asked about golf bags. Well, they had all sold for $5 each. But, she had a friend who was buying a new golf bag and would possibly sell me her old green one. We chatted a bit. She took my name and number.

I asked her if she wanted to buy my book. “It’s my spiritual journey through the years as my kids are growing up.”

“I’ll buy it for my mom,” she said. Just like that. She handed me a twenty and I handed her one of the books I carry around in my vehicle for occasions such as this.

God is good.

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