Monday, August 24, 2009

Claiming a Million Dollar Site

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Claiming the site was not so easy. At exactly 7 a.m. three months before the date of the camping holiday we had to be the first to register our booking. This requires method. I certainly didn't have it. Marty, who is more astute than I in the ways of computer programs, didn’t have it either. Several times throughout April and early May he missed making the booking by mere seconds. Our holidays plans were being pushed from July into the third week in August. If we messed around much longer, they'd be pushed right off the summer calendar.

Amanda, our university student, came to the rescue, “Give me the MasterCard, I’ll book it from Montreal.” She’s the one with the method. She called home several minutes after seven, one fine May morning, “We got the site!” Oh, the joy on our household.

Four Sunsets
Photos taken with a simple camera. The real view was way better.