Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lessons Learned While Volunteering

(continued from previous post)
At about lunchtime, I realize I should have brought a lunch. A true leader, Rina offers to share her lunch with me, but I figure she shouldn’t pay for my lack of preparedness. Did the wise virgins share their oil with the foolish virgins?

So, while Rina continues painting trim, I run out to pick up a lunch at the nearest Tim Horton’s drive through. “An ice-cap and everything muffin,” I order.

“You mean everything bagel?” says the voice.

“No, an everything muffin.”

“We don’t carry those.”

I search my brain…“fruit explosion.”

On a whim I pull into the McDonalds drive through to buy ice cream cones for everyone.

“Three small ice cream cones, please.”

The girl pours the ice cream into the cones from the special machine. Then she whips together a paper carton in which to perch the cones. She smiles as she cautiously hands out the flimsy arrangement along with a handful of napkins, “I hope you don’t have too far to go.”

Lesson # 1 Don't forget your lunch
Lesson # 2 Remember the name of your muffin
Lesson #3 Watch out for whims


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