Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Studying Calculus While Camping

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In May Amanda not only landed us the most enviable site in all of Killarney, she landed herself a nasty flu and a doctor’s certificate when she wanted to be writing her calculus exam. Her only opportunity to write a deferred exam fell right in the middle of our Killarney vacation.

We wanted to change the time and/or the location of the exam. “Could she write it earlier or later? Could she write it in Sudbury?”

“Sorry, no. Just drop the course and take it over.” advised Amanda’s student advisor at McGill.

Killarney is a lovely place to study Calculus.

Killarney is only an hour from Sudbury. We pulled ourselves out of our sleeping bags early Tuesday morning to deliver Amanda to the Sudbury bus depot. She caught the 9 a.m. bus to Montreal via Ottawa.
The rest of us happily spent the day at the Big Nickel and the Mining museum.
(to be continued)

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