Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recognizing a Million Dollar Camp Site

“Simplicity in all things is the secret of the wilderness and one of its most valuable lessons. When in the wild, we must not carry our problems with us or the joy is lost.” Sigard F. Olson

The above quote on the Killarney 2009 Information Guide contains the key to recognizing a million dollar site. Camping is simplicity.

No electricity, dirt everywhere. The nearest washroom is a pit toilet, and if we want flush toilets and showers we walk almost half a kilometre and then might have to stand in line and wait our turn. Or if we time it wrong, we might have to wait an hour while the cleaning crew hoses down the facilities. Why are we so excited about camping?

We scouted out our site in July 2008 while on a previous trip to Killarney. The site comes with twin picnic tables, a fire pit, a variety of trees including several birch and a few pine. Our site backs directly onto a large rock overlooking George Lake, and is just a stone’s throw from a dock, the canoe launching area and the beach. The rock is what makes the site. The view from the rock is a million dollar view.

How could you carry problems to such a place?

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Karen / Clint said...

It does look beautiful! No wonder you guys were so intent on getting THAT site. I can't wait to see more pictures and to spend some time with you at the cabin in a couple weeks!