Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to Take a Shower—Not

During our camping trip, after a particularly strenuous hike, I felt grungy and tired. I decided to take a shower. So I gathered my clean clothes, soap and shampoo into a plastic bag and headed for the shower building. There wasn’t a line-up; I walked right into one of the stalls, stepped out of my sandals, and avoiding the dirt on the floor hung up my things. The water pouring down felt heavenly (like rain—not very warm).

I’d forgotten to bring a wash cloth, so I simply used the bar of soap. It worked. Then about halfway through my shower I realized I had also forgotten my towel. This is not like forgetting a towel in the en suite at home. Forgetting a towel at a campground shower is troublesome. I pictured myself streaking back to the campsite—not a Christian picture.

I’ll drip dry, I thought. After about four minutes I realized all this wetness wouldn’t be dripping off or evaporating away anytime soon. If I waited long enough my family would be posting ‘Lost Mom’ notes, “last seen carrying a plastic bag without a towel in it.”

I could put my clothes on over my wet body—yuck. Or, I could turn the denim shorts I had been wearing inside-out and dry myself with the clean parts. That’s what I did. It worked.

One of the best things about camping is the fresh appreciation a person gains for the conveniences of home.

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Anonymous said...

Cute story and very resouceful of you to use your jeans as a towel. I didn't know you had a blog but now I do and will be stopping by every so often. Blessings, Betty Anne ( oh -- and please notice how I spell my name :)