Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What Do I Volunteer

(continued from previous post)

On the arranged morning I arrive at the church a little late. Only Rina, our project leader and the church secretary (who is busy being the church secretary) are there. Hopefully other volunteers will be joining in later.

Rina gives me a rundown of everything to be done. We’re planning to freshen up the white trim, and paint the kitchen and nursery walls. She shows me the trendy yellow for the kitchen and the soft ice-cream colours for the nursery, a pink, a yellow and two greens—a different colour for each wall.

In preparation for this delicious makeover, I choose to strip the wide teddy-bear border off the nursery wall. This border extends around the whole room, at a height just above a toddler’s head (kind of like big teddy bears in the sky). I think the kids will definitely miss it—the border has been there for at least a decade. It has been glued down.

I spend the morning soaking paper bears, tearing little strips away, chatting with Rina (who is painting trim), listening to a Brownsville CD, and planning my next book.

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