Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Lessons Learned (about ice cream)

(continued from previous post)
I carefully place the paper carton on the floor between the front seats of the van. As I turn out of the parking lot, the carton flips sideways. I quickly straighten it making a mental note to clean off the passenger seat.

I drive the five long kilometers back to the church leaning sideways with my right hand on the ice cream holder. It’s a good thing I’m left-handed.

The inside of the van is rather warm. I should have put on the air-conditioner, but now I didn’t have a free hand to do that. I am traveling behind a very slow-moving car driven by someone who is obviously looking for a place to turn. She finally does turn—onto the 6th Concession, the very road I have to use.

By the time I’m at the church, the ice cream is dripping vigorously onto the carpet.

Lesson #4 Turn on the air conditioner if you plan to transport soft ice cream
Lesson #5 Slowly moving cars are more aggravating if you are transporting soft ice cream
Lesson #6 Soft ice cream melts quickly in a warm vehicle

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