Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do Men Spend Money More Freely than Women?

(continued from previous post)
My testing field wasn’t exactly even in the middle of the day in the middle of the week at a Christian bookstore. A steady stream of women flowed through the door the day I was there; whereas, I noticed less than a dozen men during my four hours in the store.

At least two men rushed past me as they targeted their purchase. I read somewhere that men treat shopping like a hunt—find it, and capture it.

Women treat shopping more like an exploration—don’t miss anything along the way. I suppose this fits in with my friend’s observation that men are looking for the item, while women are looking for the bargain.

Men with the wives are different then regular men shoppers. These men are looking for something interesting to happen while their wives check out their purchases.

One such husband said to me, “I don’t read.” I noticed his wife three feet away at the check-out counter shaking her head.

Using my superior reasoning ability I guessed he was lying. I read a story to entertain him. He laughed out loud at least three times during the story and ended up buying the book.

(to be continued)

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