Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How My Soul Turned Murky

(continued from previous post)
When in my spirit I heard, “The kind of murky green your soul gets when you neglect me,” I had to admit I hadn’t been reading the Bible much, had stopped listening to praise and worship CDs, didn’t pray with all my heart anymore, and didn’t have much patience for anyone asking for help.

Little disappointments and a touch of cynicism have brought about this neglect which led to a scummy green cloud blocking my relationship with the Lord.

The Cure for Murkiness
I sprinkled the pool with a smidgeon of copper sulfate, a bucket of chlorine and two scoops of Excel, then ran the pump. Several hours later the water sparkled right to the bottom.

I prayed and repented, turning my heart back to God. I got into the Bible. I received prayer at church. It was that easy; the murky scum in my soul is gone. Now, to keep it that way.

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