Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Everything—Even the Kitchen Sink

(continued from previous post)

Home Hardware quietly announced they were shutting down the post office so they could make room to sell everything—even the kitchen sink. Of course, I thought I would still be slipping over to buy household items, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. My consumer habits altered overnight.

Sometimes to meet my husband’s post office requirements, I find myself in Shopper’s Drug Mart where I trudge past racks of enticing paperbacks and endless shelves of junk food to line up at the back corner of the store beside pharmaceuticals. I haven't bought anything yet.

Other times I drive a little further and end up in Zeller’s. Their Post Office is right at the front of the store and manned by a wonderfully experienced and pleasant woman who knows everything about the post office. There is never a line-up more than two people long because she is so efficient.

Last time I was mailing something I picked up a new electric kettle to replace the one leaking all over my counter. It was on sale probably a few dollars cheaper than the same model at Home Hardware. I’d still rather shop at Home Hardware, but I just never seem to be there anymore.

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