Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finally: Are Men More Free With Money?

A Definitive Experiment

(continued from previous post)

I was still pondering the hypothesis that women are more careful with their money than men several days later when Elizabeth asked for money to spend at the Ancaster Fair.

“It’s $30 for 22 tickets,” she reported.

“That’s the sort of thing we give you an allowance for,” I answered.

She minimized her request, “How about $2 for the entry fee?”

Together we decided to do an experiment. She would ask her father for the money, not mentioning that I had already turned her down. I was willing to go with whatever he said.

“What if he says, ‘ask mom?’” she wondered.

“Then we’ll discuss it.” I replied.

She approached her father just before leaving for the fair.

He immediately reached for his wallet, “I’ll give you $20. Anything more, you pay yourself.”

According to Elizabeth the hypothesis that women are more frugal than men is 100% correct.

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