Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poop and Scoop

Growing up, I lived on a farm and we had a dog. Teddy, a beautiful collie-cross with a shining coat and impeccable habits, did tricks. He would sit, rollover, and shake a paw upon command. Best of all, he would go to the woods to deposit his crap which he always covered with dirt or leaves. We loved that dog.

Now when I see a dog, owner in tow, romping through the park across from our home, I invariably focus on that little plastic bag the human slavishly carries. I wonder if sometime in the not so distant future with the demise of the plastic bag the owner will have to wash and rinse a cloth bag after each little outing. I cringe. How can someone love an animal that much?


Peter Black said...

(I think I lost my original comment, so here goes, again:)
Hello Marian,
I too, cringe at the thought of cloth crap bags -- not that we have a dog, but our married sons' households do. Besides, in our community we have enough non-scooped 'doggie blessings to navigate on our streets, as it is (we've no by-law enforcement officer).
Onyhoo, I've browsed several of your recent posts, and thoroughly enjoyed them.
Lord bless,

Marian said...

Hi Peter

Thanks for the compliment.
Since this post, I've seen ads for biodegradable crap bags. I should of known someone would have an answer.

Peter Black said...

I also learned recently that biodegradable doggy poop bags are available.
Dog walkers in our neighbourhgood are welcome to use whatever kind of bag --so long as they do, and that they dispose of the contents in their own garbage or on their own property! What an 'uplifting' subject, eh?