Wednesday, June 3, 2009

At the Edge of a Cliff

View at Dundas Peak, looking west away from Hamilton.

Mothers (or at least this mother) should not be allowed to visit Dundas Peak with the family.

Dundas Peak is a wondrous, beauteous spot: one which overlooks the entire town of Dundas, the City of Hamilton and the waters beyond. I spend my time there with a knotted stomach, eyes fixed on the edge of the cliff. The visit becomes especially painful when a child of mine (any age, be it 5 or 25) stands within three feet of the drop.

"Don't stand there! Be careful! Watch out, you are too close to the edge!"

Frankly, my chatter disturbs the peace. Do other mothers act this way?

Eagles have been known to toss their children out of a nest built high on a cliff. Of course, their children have wings. Maybe I should invest in parachutes or just maybe I should stop being so protective, and simply trust my children to be careful. I want them to take in the scenery, look at the horizon, dream big, trust God and accomplish much.

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John den Boer said...

What a wonderful picture. I miss Dundas, we should go there the next time we visit.