Thursday, June 25, 2009

Awakening My True Identity (Part 3)

(continued from previous post)

I returned to the Mitchell room, really the only obvious room for the consultations, unless I was in the wrong building. I thought the announcement said Century Lodge. Did I hear wrong?

Then I noticed some binders and a bill book on the love seat by the window. A pile of business cards and a pile of handbills advertising Diane Callender, image consultant told me I was in the right place.

The Century Lodge wasn’t my idea of a logical location for image consultations. It smelled musty and the lighting was dim. At least this probably meant we wouldn’t be dealing with such barely perceptible details as sprouting chin hairs.

It was now 6:25. Where was my consultant? Maybe I could spend the money on books in the bookstore. After all my fellow conference attendee had given me a glowing image consultation without charge.

As these thoughts were pinging through my head, Ms Callender walked in, noticeably startled when she saw me. Somehow this made me feel more confident. Turns out she thought our appointment was at 6:30.

We spend the next hour talking about me.
(to be continued)

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