Friday, June 12, 2009

The Cranberry Village Trap

Marty and Tony: practically brothers.

We assembled with a guide and other potential members in the “Family of Vacation Ownership” at the Cranberry Waterfront Suites which was a half-kilometer hike from the hotel where we were staying. I had left my very necessary photo I.D. in my purse in the car at the hotel. I dawdled on my way to retrieve my identity, and 15 minutes later when I got back to the meeting point (where Marty and the guide were patiently waiting), everyone else was well on their way into the trap. Marty and I were matched up with Tony, the new guy.

Tony was a fun guy (he called himself a mushroom). He allowed us to change the subject as much as we wanted. He listened cheerfully as we talked about our delightful grandchildren and the joys of camping. Our guard inched down: this guy didn’t want to sell us anything.

Halfway through the session, we were herded into another room to view a short video full of happy smiling families in shiny spotless environments.

Then we were given a tour of what could potentially be our own spotless environment with marble countertops and never-been-used, top-of-the-line fixtures and appliances. The table was perfectly set right down to the designer napkins. Tony nonchalantly presented the immaculate beauty of this “six star resort” as though it already belonged to us.

Part 4 - The Cranberry Village Campaign - tomorrow

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